Abandon Hope – Fri 1st December – @FishDerekDick

This week’s Abandon Hope show on Zeitgeist Radio – http://zeitgeistradio.co.uk/ – is devoted to an hour of Fish. It goes out at 7pm on a Friday with a repeat on Sunday at 9pm.  I’ve just recorded my intro for the show and transcribed it below. Hopefully some of you will tune in. Oh, and it’s also on TuneIn! – https://tunein.com/radio/Zeitgeist-Radio-s259600/

‘Three Boats Down From The Candy” by Marillion, the only Marillion tune you’ll hear tonight as this weeks Abandon Hope is dedicated to the music of Fish. I played that because it was the first record I ever heard him sing on back in 1982. B-sides first, doncha know. I remember the first time I saw Fish as well. Saw him, mind, not heard him. There was a gangly streak of piss blocking the way to the lavvy in the Black Bull doon Calton Road. This was about 1981 sometime so we were probably both going to the same gig, whoever it was, at the Jailhouse. Folk seemed to think I should know him what with me being a long haired Hibby who worked in Dalkeith. But I’m an Embra boy, even if I did earn a crust pushing a projector on a trolley roond the old Esk Valley College before pissing away my thruppence ha’penny on under age pints in the Lugton Inn. The first time I saw him sing was in the old Nite Club above the Edinburgh Playhouse, now a posh restaurant. That was early ’82, before it rechristened as the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a good six months before their debut single came oot, in the spring sometime. They played there again, later in the year, back in the days of proper tours. Strangely enough, the last time I saw Fish live was at the Jailhouse, bringing things full circle. Although it had rebranded to the Venue by then before it got knocked doon and turned into yuppie flats. That was a while back, certainly over 10 years ago anyway, before my struggle with alcoholism, my wife being crippled by a butcher of an NHS surgeon, then her cancer and then her death all got in the way. I saw him a few times over the years at Easter Road and latterly doon Haddington way. When my wife had one of her rare good days she liked nothing better than a stroll along the Tyne and a fry up in the Golden Grain. I was last there two months back and as I slipped my headphones off, waded oot intae the Tyne and scattered her ashes, the last song that played was ‘Rite Of Passage’. Which is a long way round of saying that my entire adult life fae a 16 year old jannie in Dalkeith to a 51 year old widower has been soundtracked by his music. He’s still doing his thing so head off to his website at and give yourself a treat. Me, it’s time to shut up and get on with the music of Fish.


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