Spotify – worst customer service ever

I’ve subscribed to Spotify since 2011, paying a fiver every month for five years.  But yesterday when I loaded it up, I started getting bombarded with adverts.  I spent some time raking around, looking up forums for solutions and trying them all.  Granted, if I’d looked at the top of the screen I would have noticed it said Free not Unlimited, but there you go.

Once I realised that, I went on to their website and sent them for a very friendly email via the customer service form, asking for their help.  This is the reply.

Goodbye from Unlimited.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Spotify Unlimited. We are now discontinuing this tier, so are sadly unable to renew your subscription.

You can upgrade to Premium to enjoy offline, ad-free music. Or do nothing, and your account will revert to our Free service at the next renewal date.

    • Download tunes. Play anywhere.
    • Listen without ads.
    • Play any song instantly.
    • Enjoy high quality sound.

Like to chat about your subscription? Please get in touch

Which seems to be their way of saying fuck off, thanks for the cash, and if you don’t want to pay double the money for the same service, then fuck off.  And fuck off again.

You know, if they’d sent a pleasant email explaining that they no longer provided the service I’d paid for, for five years, rather than shutting it down without informing users in advance, I might (just might) have thought, “fair enough, have some more money”.

But no.  They want me to fuck off.  So Spotify, I’m fucking off and you can fuck off as well.


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