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Rock Byways

The fourth year of Rock Byways is underway with another plethora of the weird and wonderful.  And sometimes both.

“The Eclectic Mix” – GRTR

Some folks have been asking ‘What On Earth Is Rock Byways All About?”  Well, it’s really quite simple. I generally believe in the adage that there are only two types of music – good and bad, although I’m tempted to add in the category of mad, just to explain some of the tunes that get played.  It’s the kind of show where you’ll find forgotten bands, forgotten songs by well known bands, bands you’ve never heard of and the odd song that is just utterly bizarre.  

It’s a bit like an iPod shuffle that’s constantly going in my head, where I can leap from Slapp Happy to The Amazing Blondel via bizarre Iron Maiden cover versions and moments of utter Scots melancholy, to the ludicrous sounds of Hollywood stars murdering seventies pop tunes, while James Last limbers up for his take on ‘Silver Machine’.  It’s probably not a good idea to give you an inkling of how my brain functions, but, if nothing else, it’s a show where you’ll go from “well I never” to “sweet Jesus the pain” in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!

Get Ready To Rock Radio

Rock Byways Playlists 2013


Wilding / Bonus – Race For Space 
The Gathering – Liberty Bell 
The Jelly Jam – I Can’t Help You 
Stephen Stills – Turn Back The Pages 
Rosabella Gregory – Still 
Toyah – Sensational
Roy Harper – One Of Those Days In England 
Goldie Reed – Hey Brother 
Phamie Gow – The Water Of Life 
Upp – Friendly Street 
Gretchen Wilson – I’ve Been In Love 
Tane Cain – My Time To Fly 
Jonathan Cain – Something Sacred 
Yoso – Yoso 

Billy Cobham – Quadrant 4 
Gong – Expresso
Atomic Rooster – The Price 
Christine McVie – Northern Star
Dave Walker – Little Susie & Mr Tight 
Joe South – Hush 
Joe Walsh – Ashes, The Rain And I
Crosby, Stills & Nash – Music Is Love 
Santana – Samba De Sausalito 
Iron Butterfly – Termination
The Lloyd Langton Group – Outside The Law
Elkie Brooks – If You Can Beat Me Rockin’ 

Sammy Johns – Chevy Van
Chris Norman – Gypsy Queen
Katarina Gunnerholm – Sadness Is A Part Of A Loving Heart 
Jonathan Edwards – Everybody Knows Her 
Carol Thorns – Fireflies In The Rain 
Stryper – The Rock That Makes Me Roll
April Wine – I’m Alive 
Air Supply & The Celtic Tenors – All Out Of Love
Bobby Whitlock – A Day Without Jesus 
Billy Paul – Takin’ It To The Streets
Supertramp – Bloody Well Right
Chicago – Another Rainy Day In New York City
America – Chasing The Rainbow
Gary Moore – Track Nine 

Cozy Powell – 633 Squadron
Steamhammer – Junior’s Wailing
Atomic Rooster – The Devil’s Answer
Frijid Pink – Sing A Song For Freedom
Man – Bedtime Bone 
Goldie Reed – Captured In A Bottle
Jo Harman – Cold Heart 
Peter Frampton – Lines On My Face
David Essex – Gonna Make You A Star
April Wine – You Could Have Been A Lady
Quatermass – Black Sheep Of The Family 
Nightwish – Amaranth 

Little River Band – Lonesome Loser
Linda Ortega – Cigarettes & Truckstops
The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman
The Doobie Brothers – Nobody 
Marillion – Three Boats From The Candy
Ian Gillan Band – You Make Me Feel So Good
Don Henley & Bonnie Raitt – Can Love Stand The Test
Judith Owen – Eye Of The Tiger 
Amazing Blondel – Young Man’s Fancy
Ambrosia – Cryin’ In The Rain 
Mica Roberts – Let’s Get Trashed
Focus – Focus IV 
Six Feet Under – In League With Satan


Eagles – Heartache Tonight
Patrick Ovenden – The View
Moon Martin – Cadillac Walk
Anne Marie Almadel – Back To Where It Started
Blair Dunlop & Larkin Poe – Killing Time
Scorpions – Steamrock Fever
Dan Reed Network – Lover 
Country Funk – When I’m Without You 
Martin Stephenson – Nairn Beach 
Gamma Ray – Death Or Glory
Blue Oyster Cult – Harvester Of Eyes 
Ashley Monroe – You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter) 
Billy Squier – The Stroke 
Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful 

Rock Byways Playlists 2013


Tyr – Regin Smidur
FM – Tough Love
Astral Doors – Child of Rock’n’Roll
Air Supply – Love (And Other Bruises)
Country – Janie
Brynn Marie – Bandaid On A Bullet Hole
Ayreon – Ride The Comet
Lords Of The New Church – Method To My Madness
Fay & Latta – Sweet Surrender
James Otto – Soldiers & Jesus
Gordon Lightfoot – Rainy Day People
Danny Vaughn – Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside
Little River Band – Lonesome Loser
April Wine – Before The Dawn


The Hawklords – We Are One
Spock’s Beard – All On A Sunday
Julie Feeney – Aching
Lisbee Stainton – Sidekick
Loggins & Messina – Listen To A Country Song
Country Funk  – A Way To Settle Down
Tom Wopat – The Folks Who Live On The Hill
Juicy Lucy – Suicide Pilot
Megan Hilty – The Heart Of The Matter
Patty Smyth – You Hung The Moon
Blue Oyster Cult – Harvester Of Eyes
Saga – It’s Your Life
Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre – Carry My Load
Baader Meinhof – There’s Gonna Be An Accident
Hawkwind – Sleep Of A Thousand Tear


River City People – (What’s Wrong With) Dreaming
Ike Reiko – It Is This Twilight
Country Funk – Really My Friend
Leonda – Mist In The Sky
The Young Rascals – I’ve Been Lonely Too Long
Scorpions – In Trance
Blue Oyster Cult – Flaming Telepaths
Jimmy Barnes (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
Living Loud – I Don’t Know
The Easybeats – Good Times
Alice Cooper – Steven
The Dave Pike Set – Mathar
Luke Kelly – Dirty Old Town
Gretchen Wilson – To Tell You The Truth

Get Ready To Rock Radio


Focus – Hocus Pocus
Kansas – Point Of Know Return 
Dread Zeppelin – Hey Hey What Can I Do 
King Of the Hill – I Do You 
Firefall – Just Remember I Love You 
Atomic Rooster – Can’t Find A Reason
Hellsongs – Orgasmatron 
Grant Langston – Ugly Women
Egg – Seven Is A Jolly Good Time
Chas n Dave – Lonnie D 
Megan Mullally – Shakedown on 9th Street 
Zephyr – Sold My Heart 
Sky King – Secret Sauce 
The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis 

Get Ready To Rock Radio

Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful
Katie Sutherland – Canvas 
Peter Lacey – In A Golden State Of Mind 
Fish & Sam Brown – Just Good Friends 
Hawkwind – Love In Space 
Maiden United – Flight Of Icarus
Michael Schenker – Another Piece Of Meat 
Abagail Grey – Flame 
Peter Hammill – Betrayed
Temple Music – Pegasus
Starz – Rock Six Times 
The CNK feat Snowy Shaw – Gadd Ist Gott 

Get Ready To Rock Radio


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