Thoughts 23

Thought I was watching documentary about anorexic, stripper, whores. Turns out it was Viva showing the new Miley Cyrus video. … More

Thoughts 22

Census news:Twice as many people in Scotland said they spoke Polish at home compared to those who used Gaelic. Na … More

Thoughts 21

Feed your own fucking kids. #bbcqt — Mr H To U (@mrhtou) September 19, 2013

Thoughts 20

You know what there's not enough of? Panpipe versions of pop songs. I'd pay to hear the panpipe version of … More

Thoughts 19

There's no melon in Melonade! What next, no iron in Irn Bru, no alligator in Gatorade. It's a world gone … More

Thoughts 18

Have decided to become a professional psychic after the ghost of X Factor winner Steve Brookstein appeared in my toast … More

Thoughts 17

David Frost, RIP – is it a coincidence he had a heart attack so soon after Keith Lemon version of … More